Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Confetti Pocket Card Tutorial

Sometimes you want to add a confetti pocket to your spread but don't want to stitch up your plastics or seal it another way (washi tape/glue/etc.), I have the perfect solution for you. This is by no means my original idea and there are plenty of tutorials out on the net for how to create confetti pocket - this is just how I made mine.


You will need:
  • pattern paper or cardstock
  • vellum or some see through plastic (recycle your product packaging)
  • glitter/sequins/confetti/punched shapes - something to fill your pocket with
Once you've decided on the size you want to make your pocket and got your bits and pieces together we can begin.
To make things a bit easier for you I've created a printable PDF template. The document contains a 4x4, 3x4 and 4x6 template in both vertical & horizontal in both 1/2 inch border and insta-style border. You can download the PDF here.
1. Print your template onto plain paper (means you can reuse it another time) and cut it out.


2. Trace round your template onto your chosen PP or cardstock and cut it out. I kinda cheated. I folded my cardstock in half so my windows matched.

021 022

3. Cut your vellum/plastic to slightly larger than the window size. I cut my vellum to about the same size as the frame and folded it in half.

023 024

4. Stick your vellum to what will be the inside of your pocket using double sided tape. Now stick 3 SIDES of your pocket together using double sided tape.
(You can stitch it if you like but I was going for quick in my example)


5. Add your glitter/sequins/filler of choice.
6. Tape up the top (or stitch) to seal it shut.


Step back and admire your handy work :)
With the insta-style frames I found sticking the bottom of the vellum together, or cutting your vellum the same size as your frame and fold it in half, otherwise you loose your glitter into the bottom part of the frame :/

Thank you Caroline! This is a great help to me (and others) for sure!

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